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I am on day 23 of my Duolingo Spanish streak and I can actually formulate a few useful things by now, sometimes make myself understood and sometimes understand locals. I might take classes at some point to enhance this development. Luckily, language classes are also easily available remote and I could continue with them throughout our nomadic journey.

Santiago blog post 1

There are many Latin American countries we haven’t visited yet and we are seriously entertaining the thought of coming back in summer, traveling through and living in several of them. We are also going to stay in Madrid for a month soon and I want to keep practicing to speak Spanish there.

Our month long stay in Chile is nearing its end. We just came back from a short trip to the coast, visiting Valparaíso and Viña del Mar. Valparaíso is a super cute and artistic town. The amount of street art within close proximity blows your mind. I guess this was so inspiring that we made our resolution come true, even though belated. We are planning to buy a piece of art in all the countries we are going to live in. In Venice, unfortunately, we didn’t get anything. One concern was of course the size, since we are carrying all our belongings and the space in our bags is pretty much maxed out.

We stumbled upon this lovely print studio run by French and Chilean artists and couldn’t leave the place without one of their works. They were kind enough to pack the print in a sturdy tube and we’ll keep on adding drawings, paintings and prints from now on!

In the meantime, our suitcase with all our artwork from our previous apartment in Vienna has reached family in the US and I am excited by the thought that one day the old collection will join with a new collection. When and where will that be and what will that home look like? What job will I be working then? For now, all I know is I’m studying for my MBA in digital business remotely and everything else remains to be seen.

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