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Cuenca Cathedral

Tranquil Cuenca

Cuenca lies in the Andes at an altitude of 2,560 m / 8,400 ft. The climate, albeit a bit warmer, reminds me of Bogotá, which is situated just 80 m / 250 ft higher. It… Read More »Tranquil Cuenca

san marcos views lake atitlan

Lake Atitlán

“LAKE COMO, it seems to me, touches the limit of the permissibly picturesque, but Atitlan is Como with the additional embellishment of several immense volcanoes. It is really too much of a good thing.” So… Read More »Lake Atitlán

tamarindo beach costa rica

12 months on the road

Time is passing at high speed, even when you try to take it slow by adhering to the national Costa Rican motto “Pura Vida,” which means something along the line of pure/simple life. Tamarindo was… Read More »12 months on the road

Panama City Skyline Rooftop

Hot November

I always felt I am not a high rise person, always preferred Brooklyn to Manhattan and what seemed to me to be cuter parts of various cities with shorter buildings. Well, that changed here in… Read More »Hot November

In Need of Exercise

We are approaching our last day in Lisbon. What started a bit chilly and rainy has turned into full-on summer weather. In the beginning we had to start the gas heater in the living room… Read More »In Need of Exercise

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