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Start of a Journey

When a friend asked me if I would be blogging, since we are going to have a nomadic life now and visit a lot of different places, I told her “I don’t think so, there are already so many blogs out there”. I felt there is no need for one more.

In our first month in Venice, I made a few social media posts and liked sharing my impressions of Venice. About to start our second month of life in a new short time home, I felt the urge to add a layer to my upcoming social media posts, which are bound to happen, when the sun is setting in its beautiful ways or I leave a concert inspired. I felt like adding a deeper level by writing down some of my thoughts and feelings.

Bee and I are in the process of emptying our apartment in Vienna. We are selling things, giving them away and throwing the useless stuff away. We are reducing our belongings to what we can carry, apart from a suitcase mostly full of artwork, documents and photos, which we will store with family.

When I was a bike messenger, I fell in love with the cycle culture and cycling and since then cycling has always been an important part of my life. I got my last bike 6.5 years ago and I loved it, loved riding it. So obviously I was wondering what to do with it, while we are traveling. Store it somewhere? Take it with us on the plane, in the trains? Both viable options. I finally decided on selling it and not to live with a bike for a while. I felt it is necessary to rethink things, step back from them, including my bike, press the reset button, start anew, keep all options open without attaching myself to things.

While I will be coming back to Vienna for short visits from time to time, we are not planning to live in Vienna for a long time. I have been living in Vienna for almost 19 years and it feels surreal that all these years have passed.

I love to travel, see the world and I am looking very much forward to my travels ahead. I am very curious to find out where this journey is taking me.

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