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After traveling for over 30 hours, with a long layover in Atlanta and a short one in Amsterdam, we made it back to Vienna for a 1.5-day stopover, before I headed out on a 15-hour… Read More »Concerts

Print is not dead


I am on day 23 of my Duolingo Spanish streak and I can actually formulate a few useful things by now, sometimes make myself understood and sometimes understand locals. I might take classes at some… Read More »Art

Out of Europe

It’s good to be out of Europe. Europeans are often so Euro-centric and tend to think the whole universe rotates around this continent. I am very happy to have a huge distance to Europe here… Read More »Out of Europe

Start of a Journey

When a friend asked me if I would be blogging, since we are going to have a nomadic life now and visit a lot of different places, I told her “I don’t think so, there… Read More »Start of a Journey

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